Home Security Tips For The Summer

With the increase of the temperature, also comes an increase in the number of burglaries in the summer months. This makes home security especially important. Ooma, a smart home phone, and security company offer six tips for preventing break-ins.


Front door surveillance: 34% of break-ins happen through the front door of a home. Equipping your home with this device is a great way to not only have peace of mind but to ensure the safety of your home. Having a camera system at the front will allow you to check in on the activity at home, straight from your phone. Another security option Ooma recommends is investing in a two-way speaker that will give unwanted visitors the impression the owner is home.  

Secured windows: The second most common break-in location is a first-floor window, the access point of 23% of burglars. Ooma recommends installing sash locks and wireless motion sensors that will alert the homeowner if a window is opened or broken.

Don’t forget the AC unit: Pushing in a window air conditioning unit is another common break-in method. Ooma suggests installing motion sensors near the AC unit

Protecting sliding Glass doors: Sliding doors should not only be locked but should also have a barrier bar in the tracks. Ooma suggests homeowners place motion detectors in this area as well.

Leave the lights on:  While this isn’t the most economical approach the goal is to make the home look occupied. A burglar is more inclined to approach an obviously vacant home. Ooma recommends smart lights that homeowners can control from their phone, or at the very least, light timers.

Refrain from posting your vacation on social media: You may be Facebook "friends" with those who may not have you and your homes best interest in mind. While we all love to post about our awesome vacation spots, wait until you are safely home instead of risking letting potential thief's know where you are. It’s the perfect opportunity for them to break into your home while you’re away. 

Call 911 from afar: With the installation of these products you will be able to know exactly what is going on at your home and give you the ability to safely call for assistance from a remote location. Many home security companies, including Ooma, offer calling assistance. 

For more tips on how to secure your home this summer check out Ooma Security Systems.

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