Home Maintenance Must-Do's for this Fall

Autumn is the best time for home owners to prep up their homes for winter, so we've compiled a practical list of home maintenance to-do's that will help you sail through the winter months without any home blunders:

Prep up the Furnace- the furnace will be in-demand in the cold months, so you have to make sure it's in clean and cost-efficient condition before the season hits. With this maintenance step is the need to check your home's smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for your family's safety.

Clean the Air- Nothing can be worse than staying home in a dusty, allergen-high home that can send you all sneezing and whoozing from dust-induced asthma attacks. Make sure you don't torture your family with dust by doing a general clean-up; vacuum all you can, and wipe everything down to finish.

Roof Check-- it's practically impossible to repair a roof on winter, so make sure to check (or hire a certified inspector to do it for you) for damaged shingles, caulking, and damage caused by moss. Have everything repaired to make sure you have a sturdy roof over your head when winter comes.

Say Goodbye to Molds-- mold loves to grow in dank basements and on leaky pipes during the summer months, so it's wise to address this common home problem before winter comes and you are forced to stay longer indoors. However, hire a professional to do this, as they are the only qualified individuals who can assess the kind of mold problems you are dealing with at home. There are kinds of mold that are toxic to humans, so it's best to save the DIY effort for something safer.

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