Working on Home Improvement to Sell Your Home? Avoid these 5 Colors

Everyone loves a splash of color. Homeowners who are renovating their properties in the hopes of selling them should be aware of this fact. After all, what the eye perceives usually dictates on what a prospective buyer feels about the home. But not all colors are good for home decorating. This was proven by a recent survey conducted by Better Homes and Gardens.

Four-hundred (400) respondents were asked to take a quick survey to let the researcher know which colors homeowners are most and least likely to use in home decorating. The results of the survey are quite interesting; while there is a minor variation in the color choices for “least color to use in the home”, three colors stood out to be definite no-no’s:

Orange- "Too Loud"

Red- "Too Overpowering"

Green- "Too Institutional"

“Honorable mentions”



A significant number of respondents have also mentioned black and violet as ultimate home color no-no’s.  The image on the right panel is a compilation of pictures taken of rooms that display the very colors the survey mentioned.

Are you planning on selling your home very soon? Are you getting ready to prep up your home for showings? Then it might be a good idea to take note of these colors and avoid them. For a complete guide on colors that appeal (and don’t appeal) to buyers, you can read Melissa Tracey’s original post here.

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