Four Seller No-No's

Selling a home can be pretty exciting, as this is a phase in your life when you are getting ready to move on to bigger and better things. But don't let that excitement overwhelm you. Too much excitement and over-eagerness on your part can turn off prospective buyers. Here are four things you should never do as a seller to avoid turning off buyers who are looking at your home: 

Tip 1: Don't let your curb look unkempt

The first thing a buyer sees in a home is its facade or curb. Remember, first impressions last. If they don't look what they see on the outside, how can you even expect them to look inside? If you are intent on selling your home, you might have to invest on landscaping the front yard, touching up your home's facade, and generally make your home look dreamy and inviting as soon as the buyers step out of their car for a showing.

Tip 2: Don't overwhelm the buyer with your presence

You might not find any fault in staying home during a showing, but experts recommend NOT doing so as buyers can easily be overwhelmed by the presence of sellers when they are looking at the home. Enjoy the afternoon at the mall or at a spa and let the buyers enjoy envisioning themselves living in your home as its new owners.

Tip 3: Don't leave your personal stuff for your buyers to see

It would also be wise to keep personal items (such as photos, lingerie, and your toothbrush!) from view. Think home magazine photos--- leave the furniture and decor for the "shoot", and take away the unessentials for a professional view. This way, your buyers won't feel awkward about seeing personal items of the owner while they try to envision your house as their new home filled with their personal items and furniture.

Tip 4: Don't let unflattering scents linger

Do you smoke? Do you let pets in the house? Have you fried fish for lunch and the buyers are coming over at 3 o' clock? Unpleasant smells shouldn't be part of your buyer's home showing experience, so work hard to remove these smells in your home before they come. A good practice is to open all windows and let the fresh air in. You can also use ground coffee to sanitize the smell in your home; just put them in small, attractive bowls and situate them in the living, dining, and kitchen areas, and your home will smell neutral in no time.

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