Five Simple Tweaks for a Happier Home

The true happiness of a home relies on tSimple Tips for a Happier Homehe relationships and family dynamics of its residents, but did you know that there are things you can do to improve your home and make it a happier place at the same time? Several studies reveal that it is possible to be happy based on where you invest in real estate and how you renovate your home, among other things. Here are some things you should do if you desire to have a “Smile-only Zone” Home:

Use Happy Wall Colors

A study from Amsterdam’s Vrije University proved that wall color has the ability to change your mood. The colors green and yellow appear to be the most effective in influencing positive attitude in an interior setting, so why not use green for your bedroom and yellow for the playroom the next time you redecorate? Green suggests serenity and comfort, while yellow influences playfulness and creativity.

Prioritize Accessibility

A study conducted by the Office for National Statistics found that homeowners who had a 15-minute commute (or less) to their workplace (and other areas of interest) generally enjoy more positive feelings about their homes as compared to homeowners who had to commute for longer. Daily commutes above 15 minutes tend to make homeowners anxious, while those with hour-long daily commutes tend to feel depressed about their day-to-day situation.

Best advice? Invest in a home that is close to everything you love… It might be more expensive to invest in real estate close to the city center, but it definitely pays off when it comes to your contentment and peace of mind.

Maintain Cleanliness

The UCLS Center on Everyday Lives and Families found that clutter creates stress. This is especially true for women whose cortisol (stress hormone) levels were found to be higher than normal when situated in cluttered homes. While men appear to be less affected by a cluttered abode, it is highly recommended to de-clutter a home, says professional organizer Dana Korey, to not only de-stress occupants but also to help them get their true home worth.

Pay off the Mortgage Early

This is a no-brainer: homeowners without mortgages have the happiest homes. This simple fact has been thoroughly discussed in the most recent Halifax Happiest Home Report. While not everyone can afford to pay off that mortgage all at once, paying your dues on time (even a few months ahead) can largely contribute to your peace of mind and happiness as a homeowner.

Be Friendly with the Neighbors

The Halifax Happiest Home Report featured in number 4 also indicates that establishing good relationships with the neighbors help make a homeowner happier with their home. While the common trend nowadays is for urban-based people to isolate themselves from neighbors, the report shows that the suburban American home’s ambiance is still the best environment for a happy home.


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