Five Best Places to Get Hot Chocolate in Austin

As we begin to take out our winter clothes along with the weather changes that come with Christmas, we find ways to get warmed up nicely in the cold weather. And since Christmas is just around the corner, what better way to celebrate than to sip a mug of rich, warm chocolate while we enjoy all the beautiful lights on display? Here's our list of five best places to get an awesome  mug of hot chocolate in Austin:

Mozart's Coffee

Mozart's Coffee at 3825 Lake Austin Blvd at Enfield Rd. is a famous spot among locals and tourists alike. Aside from their amazing hot chocolate and Mocha Special, the cafe is famous for its lovely atmosphere and gorgeous Christmas displays. Nothing but the best spot for a large mug of Christmas cheer!

Holy Cacao

Holy Cacao isn't exactly a restaurant, but this popular food truck in 1311 S 1st St (W Gibson St) is famous for its rich, hot chocolate and the red velvet cake balls dunked in white chocolate that go with it, too! Their signature frozen hot chocolate is a weird and delicious quirk that you simply have to try.

Epoch Coffee

Epoch Coffee in 221 W North Loop Blvd along Chesterfield Avenue is famous for two things: the amazing Mexican mocha and the large parking area that makes chilling out at the cafe fun and hassle-free. A popular choice in their menu is the iced lavender mocha variant. Try it with a friend and enjoy the warm ambiance while you're there.

Spiderhouse Patio Bar & Cafe

The Spiderhouse Patio Bar & Cafe at 2908 Fruth St along W 29th St is famous for its Coco Mocha. Bring a friend and enjoy the atmosphere and inviting setting; Christmas or not, the cafe is best for hanging out with a drinking buddy-- either for some beer or for a satisfying cocoa mug!

Summermoon Coffee Bar

The Summermoon Coffee Bar along 3115 S 1st St, Austin is a popular local's choice for coffee and mocha! For a satisfying twist to the traditional hot chocolate recipe, try their famous Mocha Moon treat-- It's perfect for patrons with a sweet tooth who want to enjoy a surprising twist to the old hot choco mug as we know it!

Like our list? If you would like to share a place in Austin where you think the best hot chocolate is served, feel free to let us know in the comments! Please check out our blog for other "Best in Austin" features, too! Thank you taking the time to read our list!

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