First-time Home Buyers Guide Yours FREE!

Are you worried about buying your very first home because you don’t know how the home buying process works? Don’t let that fear keep you from making the best financial investment you can ever make in your life. Take the plunge and invest in your home without worry. Cain Realty Group is here to provide you professional advice on how to initiate the home buying process without worrying about fees, loads of paperwork, or bothersome appointments that will take away precious time from your family and career.

All you have to do to start the home buying process the easy way is to set an appointment with us by filling up the consultation form. We will reach out to you in the most convenient time and place and we will help you begin your amazing journey: investing in real estate in Austin. We will help you sort out your first home wish list, a needs-vs-wants analysis, goals and reasons for purchasing a home, the mortgage and loan process, the overall home buying process, an intro to the best neighborhoods in Austin, and other topics that will help you decide what kind of home is best for you.

Aside from our personalized home buying consultation approach, we will also give you a FREE copy of our best-selling book, “Your First Home”. Read about the success stories of over a hundred first-time home buyers we’ve helped through the years. The home buying process is also explained in 8 easy steps, making you feel more comfortable knowing how you will find your dream home and close the deal. Lastly, the book will teach you ways to overcome less-than-perfect credit and how to implement successful creative financing strategies.

Few other agencies can compete with what we have to offer. We pride ourselves with our sincere intention to be a part of this momentous event in your life. All we want is for you to have a happy, positive home buying experience. After all, buying your first home will only happen once, so it's best to work only with the best!

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