KXAN Weather UPDATE: Expect Some Rain this Weekend

Here's a report of KXAN's weather update for Sunday, August 14, 2016:

AUSTIN (KXAN) — An upper-level trough, summer cold front, and tropical disturbance from the Gulf may combine to mess with your outdoor plans this weekend. Rain chances are expected to steadily increase from Saturday afternoon through Sunday evening, with periods of heavy downpours possible. In fact, the latest rain total forecast from the National Weather Service indicates some areas may receive 4-6″ of rain in the next week. This is more than twice our average monthly total for August.

While rain and cooler temperatures will be a welcome change for many residents, this is the type of weather setup that can disappoint. There are several variables in the developing weather pattern that are uncertain at this time, which could lead to some areas receiving several inches of rain, while other nearby locations receive much less. Stay tuned to KXAN for frequent updates as our high resolution computer models resolve the current uncertainty.

For more weather news updates, you can access KXAN's weather page here

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