Excitement, Inspiration from “The One Thing” Event Hosted by the Cain Team

Attendees of Cain Realty Group’s “The One Thing” event gave rave reviews after being inspired to begin incorporating time-saving techniques into their busy lives and to start practicing habits that will set themselves up for success. Don Hobbs, guest speaker and expert on the New York Times best-selling self-help book “The One Thing” explained simple ways to make life more meaningful and productive - by actually doing less. Hobbs’ presentation laid bare the techniques to overcome day-to-day challenges that block the path to success but won’t require extraordinary effort to establish.

Some of the salient points of the presentation included:

  • How to set yourself up for effortless success

  • Techniques on how to define your goals and purpose.

  • The 6 lies of success.

  • Selective discipline and how to easily incorporate it into your life.

Hobbs also encouraged the audience to participate in short self-assessments to help give clarity to their purpose.

After the the event, attendees said that they started the next day by getting clearer on day-to-day goals and defining monthly goals. Some even went on to outline their three and five year goals because of the inspiration and excitement they gained from learning about the simple, successful techniques contained in the book and that Hobbs explained. Nearly all have begun reading the free copies of “The One Thing” that they received as a gift for attending the event.

“Overall, the book - and this event - is about creating yourself instead of ‘finding’ yourself,” said KodiKay Cain. “That’s such an exciting concept. I’ve been getting text messages from people who came to the event and who were so happy about what they learned that they started incorporating the steps in their lives the very next morning. That’s how simple these concepts are!”

If you didn’t get a chance to attend the event, be sure to by on Cain Realty Group email list to receive invitations to future events. You can also purchase a copy of the book here or watch a short video of Don Hobbs’ previous presentations here.


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