Emily Morrow Receives the CRG 2021 Cultural Icon Award

Every month Cain Realty Group (CRG) collects what we call culture keeper notes from everyone within the company. These culture keeper notes are given to those on the team by other team members for embodying the amazing Cain Realty Group Culture. These notes specifically point out which CRG values were on display, with our values being Faith, Growth, Integrity, Passion, and Loyalty.

Every year we have a CRG Team Awards event where we give out various awards from the year before, including our annual CRG Cultural Icon award. The recipient of this award is the one who received the largest amount of Culture Keeper notes from the year before.

The Cultural Icon Award winner for 2021 was the amazing Emily Morrow. This award was given to her by last year's award-winner, Connor Johnstone. We are grateful for Emily and her passion for CRG's Core Values, and we are excited to continue watching her real estate career blossom!

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