Easy Feng Shui Concepts for Your Home

2016 Chinese New YearIn keeping with the Chinese New Year celebrations, we would like to share a few Feng Shui tips to those who would like to spruce up their homes to be lucky this Year of the Fire Monkey.

In the past years, Asian economies have drastically strengthened. Could it be because of their impressive business savvy? Or does it have something to do with their belief in Feng Shui? In any case, we won’t deny that Asian homes look good and feel good because of their strict adherence to Feng Shui concepts.

While we may not be experts on this Asian belief system, here are a few tips everyone could follow to benefit from the positive energy that Feng Shui brings to people’s lives and homes:

1. Create a Beautiful Garden

A beautiful garden, even a small one, attracts positive feng shui energy to your house and is a must-have. This is especially important if you are living in a house with Sha Chi (attacking) or Si Chi (low) energy around it. Houses close to railroads or those that have sloping backyards need Feng Shui in order to cast off the negative energy that the noise and negative slope brings.

2. Keep Energy Flowing through Your Front Door

Smooth, strong, and clear energy should flow from your exterior feng shui to your front door. This means that you should maintain a clear, open space in front of the main entryway of your home. Is there a big tree or any feature that blocks your front door view? This means that the energy flow is constricted and that you have to find ways to attract the positivity into your home. Remove recycling bins, pots, and other clutter outside the front door, and keep it clean (this applies to non-believers of Feng Shui too).

3. Take Care of the Feng Shui Trinity

In feng shui, each house is believed to have 3 main energy centers: the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. It is highly recommended that strong, positive energy should continuously flow through these energy centers. You can achieve this by removing clutter from corridors and letting the light and air stream into these rooms from open windows.

4. Bring in Fresh Flowers

The positive energy of gardens can also be brought into the home through fresh flower arrangements. However, take care to remove dried displays and do not display flowers with thorns on their stems, as they will prevent energy from flowing out onto the house.

5. Paint Your Main Door

Did you know that the color of your door can also bring you luck? Feng shui belief dictates that south-facing doors should be painted red or orange, north-facing doors should be blue or black, west facing doors should be gray or white, and east-facing doors should be brown or green? Vibrant-colored doors are the new “in”!

6. Circular Arrangement of Furniture

Feng shui belief dictates that living room furniture arranged in a circular formation aids the flow of positive energy in your home. Aside from making your living room appear interesting, entertaining guests and bonding moments with the family will become more intimate as you face each other with your new living room set-up.

7. Horseshoes, horses, and more!

Did you know that hanging a horseshoe on top of your door frame supposedly brings good luck to the owners of a home? While there is dispute on whether the horseshoe should point up or down, many believe that having horse paintings, statues, or any other item related to horses will intensify a homeowner’s luck, especially if the horses are “running” towards the interior of the house from a main doorway.

While many can’t be easily convinced that feng shui will literally bring more fortune in their lives, the concept of positive and free-flowing good energy in a home is a good one, regardless of whether you are Asian or Western. However, if you are looking into sprucing up your home to increase its value, Cain Realty Group may be more qualified than a feng shui expert to help you out. Call us at (512) 522-4659 or reach out to us through this link.

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