Curb Appeal Tweaks for less than $100

Did you know that a home design overhaul isn’t necessary to make your home look more appealing to the buyer’s eye? Sometimes, all it takes is a conscious effort to improve on what you have and highlight the strong points that are already existent in your home curb’s appeal. Inspired by an article published by the Austin Business Journal, we bring you tips on how to boost your curb appeal for less than $100:

  1. Vamp up your front door. It’s Psychology 101—grab the buyer’s attention by making your front door look welcoming and eye-catching. Paint your front door using an attractive, bold color (such as red), and entice your buyers to enter the home and see all the other things your home has in store for them.
  2. Give the mailbox some character. A lot can be told about a homeowner whose mailbox perches precariously on a rotten old stick. If you are hell-bent on selling your home for a good price, pay attention to the small details like your mailbox to send your prospective buyer a clear message—the house he is about to enter is a meticulously cared-for home and he will absolutely get his money’s worth for it.
  3. Mind the greens. The landscape is often a major factor in boosting (or breaking) curb appeal, so make sure to mind the greens. If your front lawn is not big enough to allow for your creative expression through foliage, then stick with simple yet attractive flowers in pots and hanging plants by the front door. After all, flowers and plants are better displayed at the front porch than several pairs of old, smelly pairs of shoes.
  4. Highlight the lights. If you can spare some cash, we recommend that you upgrade your light fixtures to give your house a new look. However, if the budget is tight, then stick with cleaning up the brass and removing the lint from the glass panels of your lights. Remember: the cleaner they look, the brighter they are and the better your chances get in winning your buyer’s heart.
  5. Immaculate floors. A daily quick sweep may not do if you want to boost your curb appeal. Give your front porch a makeover to show buyers that you have a conscious effort of maintaining the home, both inside and out. Showing your buyers immaculate flooring at your doorstep will make them pay attention to the other details you took care of highlighting in the home interior.
  6. Organize and hide. While it may be impossible to completely hide the garden hose and AC out of sight, your effort on keeping them from becoming an eyesore might work to your advantage. Hide the AC behind some attractive bushes or decorative wood panels and hang your garden hose on a stylish holder. Camouflaging your utility boxes and cables may be a good idea, too.

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