CRG Shadow Days

At CRG, we are proud of our culture and we love people. For that reason, we routinely have what we call CRG Shadow Days. These occur during the mornings, which should be when an Austin area real estate office is at its peak performance.

Call us crazy, yet if you are proud of your culture, wouldn't you want to show it off to others that may be in alignment with your company's core values?

And if you love people, wouldn't you want to help others find the tribe that matches their vibe? You are with your work family more than your own family, so finding a group of people that are where you want to go or think the way you want to think is imperative. Remember, you are the average of the five people you spend the most amount of your time with!

Our CRG Shadow Days allow our best candidates to see what we do as a company to start our day, to see what our coaching looks like from our Platinum Top 50 Coach of the Year, to meet our people, see our systems, and identify if they can see CRG as the long term vehicle for their career success. And since the shadow is participatory, it also allows us an opportunity to see if it makes sense to continue a conversation.

Are you in real estate or want to be in real estate and consider yourself an A-Team or Varsity type of talent? If so, email your resume to [email protected] or contact us here, and let's set up an exploratory phone call to determine if you'd be a candidate for an upcoming CRG Shadow Day!

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