Colors That Make the Room Look Bigger

The end goal of every home owner is to settle in a spacious, comfortable home. However, not everyone can afford a large home at once, so we have to be smart about managing the space that we have and stay comfortable as can be. Did you know that painting your walls the right color can give you an air of spaciousness without necessarily tearing down walls  for expensive expansion work? Here are the colors that work best in making a room look bigger. Happy DIY painting!

White- the color "white" reflects light, which makes any white surface appear brighter and more open. The main advantage of a white-colored room is this: you get to decorate with any accent color you want!

Yellow- yellow works in the same way that white does. Yellow, however is a natural and softer alternative to white. The technique in choosing the right yellow hue is to "think citrus" and avoid too bright shades that would "burn" the eyes. Creamy and soft shades like in banana and dandelion should be considered. Neon yellow, on the other hand, should be avoided like the plague.

Blue and Green- the "cool" colors blue and green bring brightness and depth to a room. Since cool colors are perceived to be receding, an illusion of distance can be seen in a tactically painted room. Consider the shades soft teal and sea green. Accentuate your blue/green room with white touches and you will also add dimension to your space.

Looking for other colors to paint your home? Gray and Monochrome might work, too. You can read more about this from the original Realtor article here. For additional home DIY tips, you can also check out our blog.

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