Christmas with The Cain Team

With things only getting crazier towards the end of the year, this week we set aside some time to set up our office for Christmas! We wanted everyone to feel the warm and fuzzy feeling of the holidays. Simply hanging some Christmas lights and putting up a tree has already put the whole office in the holiday spirit.

Before everyone parts ways to visit their loved ones, Cain Realty Group has been working together to close out the year stronger than ever. Everyday we help each other achieve our personal and team goals. The holidays remind us of what is important and why we are doing what we do. Decorating and listening to Christmas hits while eating some sugar cookies really brought us together to appreciate one another!

Little Christmas treats like cookies and chocolates have been exchanged and with everyone nibbling on sweets, we understand that the holidays aren’t easy for everyone. We want to make sure everyone is using when purchasing through amazon. By doing this you will be helping many in need this season. Please remember to choose Cain Cares as your nonprofit of choice and 0.05% of qualified purchases will go to the Cain Cares fund!

We like call ourselves a family here at Cain Realty Group. If you or anyone you know are looking for a place to call home, feel free to reach out and see what positions we have available. We are going to come out of the new year bigger and better than ever!

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