Check Out The New Backyard Trend Sweeping the South!

Need a cost efficient yet stylish way to beat the heat this summer? More and more homeowners are catching on to this new innovative solution. While it is much more than just filling a tub with water, it is pretty simple. Tractor Supply gives an easy-to-follow Stock Tank Pool DIY guideline!

  • Job one is obviously selecting the site for your stock tank pool. You’ll need to prepare the area by creating a solid, level base. You could use compacted sand, or even crushed granite. But, it’s very important to ensure that it’s a smooth surface, free of any rocks or sharp edges. The same is true whether you plan to use the stock tank for an above-ground pool, or want to dig out enough soil to create an in-ground version. If digging a hole for an in-ground pool, remember to allow enough space for the pool to accommodate the pump and hoses.
  • Next, comes selecting the tank. At Tractor Supply, we have a variety to choose from, including this 8 foot by 2 foot galvanized version featuring 20-gauge bottoms and 21- gauge sides. Once you have the tank at home, clean it thoroughly. Once it’s ready, you’ll need to make a decision on how visible you want your hoses and pump to be.
  • In the interest of simplicity, many people choose to simply hang the hoses over the side, and weigh them down with cinder blocks or some other item. But, if you’d rather not be staring at hoses all the time, you can drill the appropriate holes in the side of the tank. Please note, although most of our tanks come with a pre-installed plug, it wasn’t intended for the kind of water flow you’ll need to use the tank as a pool. This is a great time to remember the adage “measure twice, cut once,” because you don’t want to leave too much open space around your fittings that will need to be sealed later.
  • In order to ensure that the water keeps moving (which not only helps filter impurities, it also guards against mosquitoes), you’ll need a small pump, a filter, and several feet of tubing, all of which you can find at Tractor Supply. But the actual installation depends entirely on your comfort level. And given that we’re talking about electricity and water, we recommend you hire a trained electrician for this part. We also recommend only using a GFCI outlet for the electricity.
  • Once the pieces are in place and all seams are sealed with marine-grade sealant or plumber’s putty, you’re ready for the fun part. Filling it up! (Depending on the amount of chlorine in your water, you may find it necessary to add small amounts of either chlorine or bleach on a regular basis, just to keep algae growth at bay. It depends on your water and your own sensitivity.
  • From here, the only limits are your imagination. You can build a small deck around your new stock tank swimming pool, using pavers or stone as a makeshift patio, or just leave it as-is and set out lounge chairs and sun shade. For those creating an above-ground pool, consider emptying the tank and storing in a barn or garage in colder months.

No matter how you plan to finish your project, now you’ve got a sturdy, attractive, affordable swimming pool that’s not only a great way to cool off the whole family, it’s a great backyard conversation-starter as well! 

Source: Tractor Supply

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