Best Interior Design Trends 2020

1. Built-in Seating 

Be it at your kitchen island, reading nook or window side, built-in seating will surely inspire you to sit back and relax. It eliminates the need for more chairs and it’s an excellent space-saving technique that will make your small areas more inviting! 

2. Indoor Garden 

Bring some greenhouse vibes into your home by turning the underutilized spaces into an indoor garden. It doesn’t just add appeal to your home but you can also experience the benefits that different plants and flowers have to offer. Your houseplants will definitely spruce up your interior design style and will create a welcoming environment throughout! 

3. Concrete Bathroom 

Concrete bathrooms are one of the most popular trends in 2020 because of the aesthetic look, durability, and affordability compared to other materials. Styling it with wood is a perfect balance, as it creates a warmer look that offers a peaceful retreat while having your ‘me-time’. 

4. Double Island Kitchen 

Two is better than one! The kitchen always seems to become the favorite gathering spot for family and friends. Well, we just really love to entertain one another and prepare delicious foods at the same time. A double island kitchen is a perfect solution. You can have ample space for cooking while allowing your guests to relax as they wait for your buffet-style meals! The second island can also serve as a study space to keep an eye on your children as they do their homework while you do the cooking! 

5. Floral Wallpapers 

Patterns may come and go but florals are forever! Incorporating floral wallpapers into your interior designs can make a big statement. It will make your space look more refreshing and alive. It is also a great option to bring a beautiful flower garden inside your home without the need for maintenance and a green thumb.


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