Best Home Upgrades for You to Work On

Working on home projects is a fulfilling endeavor for any home owner. Of course, what's more satisfying than showing off that newly-installed deck or newly-designed interior to visiting friends, and mentioning along the way that, ahem, you just had the extra time and worked on the project all. by. YOURSELF. ?

However, if you are not known for being an excellent handyman, you might still want to invest on some professionally-made home upgrades. After all, you are understandably just too scared to botch a project, so you are willing to leave it in the hands of the professionals (because your neighbors will still admire the handiwork all the same).

We want to help you make informed choices on the best home upgrades that will pay you back. Here is a list of best home upgrades to work on that actually bring you not just happiness but a hefty ROI:

--Top 5 Home Upgrades--

1. Wooden Decks - adds entertainment space in the home; appealing to both home owners and guests. Useful tip: Invest in wooden decks AND landscaping work simultaneously; saves on layouting costs.

     ROI: 75%

2. Finished Basement - maximizes available space for living, entertainment and/or storage purposes. Rated higher than a vamped up kitchen or bathroom. Useful tip: make sure to address mold and dampness before finishing the basement.

     ROI: 70%

3. Attic Insulation - this project may not be a "beautifying project", but it increases air conditioning efficiency (thereby minimizing energy costs) and pays more when you decide to sell. 

     ROI: 116.9%

4. New Main Entrance Door - this project provides instant gratification as it immediately boosts curb appeal. But more importantly, it helps you save on energy costs and makes your home more secure from intruders.

     ROI: 91.1% (steel doors), 82.3% (fiberglass doors)

5. Home Siding - invest in your home's protection and beauty. Replace old bottom vinyl sidings with manufactured stone veneer or more efficient and weather-proof siding available in the market.

     ROI: 92.9% (manufactured stone veneer), 77% (other kinds of siding)

--Bonus Home DIY Projects--

  • Basic Kitchen Renovations - work on small kitchen projects that gradually improve the beauty of your kitchen without breaking the bank. Try slowly adding stainless steel appliances, remodeling your cabinets, and installing new countertops.
  •  Greenery - landscaping pays. Planting trees cost almost nothing. But when you sell your property in the future with a mature tree on it, you add anywhere between $1,000 to $10,000 to your home's value. Beautify your lawn, increase your curb appeal, and bring your home closer to Mother Nature.

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