Best College Cities: Austin Takes The Top Spot

When nearing high school graduation, the responsibilities and decisions that need to be completed and made before making the final commitment to a college can be daunting. The campus visit is one of the most crucial steps of deciding if the school is the right fit. Knowing that the college and the city or town is going to be home for the next several years, students must feel comfortable with the cost of living, school environment, and academic status.

Luckily, a study published on December 9th has compared over 400 college cities and towns based on academic, social and economic opportunities to help students narrow down their options. Austin's best score of 66.49 was, to no surprise, in the social environment. 

1. Austin

2. Orlando

3. Scottsdale

4. Tampa

5. Ann Arbor

6. Seattle

7. San Diego

8. Las Vegas

9. Salt Lake City

10. Provo

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Source: WalletHub

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