Best Cities For Renters: Austin Ranked #3

A study published this month ranked the best cities for renters. While the study found that the "average renting household spends 29.9% of its income on rent," Austin is actually a relatively affordable city for renters. Our responsibility is to help our community and our clients get away from renting and paying their landlord's mortgage. However, we fully understand that many renters are not quite ready to own their own home. Factors like someone struggling to cover their current costs or being unable to purchase a home with a reasonable commute because the cost is too high often leads renters unable to invest in a home. Fortunately, over half of the Austin renter community spends less than 30% of the income on their housing and the city's eviction rates are the 24th lowest according to the study. 

All of these factors contribute to Austin, Texas being the third-best city to rent in. If you are considering moving to the Austin area or are looking to relocate in the city and are exploring the option of renting, we would be honored to walk you through all of the opportunities our city has to offer and would be happy to help you find the right home for you. 

1. Madison, WI

2. Boston, MA

3. Austin, TX

4. Lincoln, NE

5. Arlington, VA

6. Minneapolis, MN

7. St. Paul, MN

8. San Francisco, CA

9. Jersey City, NJ

10. Spring Valley, NV

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