Best Cities For A Conference: Austin Ranks #4

As a country, we attend an incredible amount of conferences. "According to the most recent data from forecasting company Oxford Economics, there are 1.9 million conventions, trade shows and meetings in the U.S. each year with a total of 251 million attendees." Due to the activities, many cities are able to take advantage of the opportunity and create major revenue from the conference industry. Texas is one state that has taken advantage. A recent study surfaced ranking the top 10 cities for conferences. Texas cities claimed 3 of the 10. Austin, Texas earned the No. 4 spot by being a well-rounded city to host conferences. With 10 large hotels and almost 200 hotels in total, the city has no shortage of places to stay. It is the sixth-safest city in the ranking and is the 10th best city with the shortest distance to travel from the airport to downtown.

1. San Antonio, TX

2. San Diego, CA

3. Orlando, FL

4. Austin, TX

5. Las Vegas, NV

6. Atlanta, GA

7. New York, NY

8. Houston, TX

9. Portland, OR

10. (TIE) Phoenix, AZ/ Columbus, OH 

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