Best Christmas Displays in Austin (Part 1)

The night scenery of the city is one of the things that make Austin famous. There are just so many good things to see in the bustling capital of Texas, even at night. But things take a special turn when you come to see the sights during the holidays. Beautiful store fronts, lively home decor, and gigantic Christmas trees can be found everywhere, making you feel how special Christmas in Austin is. If you're looking for a place to go to see the wonderful Christmas sights in Austin, then you might want to check out our list:

1. Downtown Holiday Stroll - the perfect Christmas event for those who love singing Christmas Carols. The event takes place outside of Texas' iconic capital building. It also features the annual Christmas Tree Lighting-- a famous Christmas event in Austin.
Event details: December 3rd at 1100 Congress Ave.

2. The Driskill Hotel Tree - known for its grandiose size and decor, the Driskill Christmas tree can be found in the hotel's grand lobby. 

Event details: December 6th at 604 Brazos St.

3. Lake Austin's Boat Trail of Lights - a Lake Austin tradition, you can either join residents as they decorate and parade their boats on location, or simply watch in excitement as how their beautifully-decorated boats float on the peaceful lake from afar.
Event Details: December 17th at the 360 Bridge.

4. 37th Street, Hyde Park - Considered the best pedestrian spot for holiday decorations, you can find all sorts of light displays, props, and holidays scenes all prepped up by resident volunteers for you.

5. Austin Trail of Lights - Located in Zilker Park, the trail of lights is an effort of hundreds of volunteers, hundreds of thousands of light bulbs, and an unlimited number of fun an awe among visitors walking through this winter wonderland. It's free to walk the lighted path, but parking would cost you $10.

Watch out for the second part of this blog post.

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