Bad Home Selling Advice You Should NEVER Believe

As soon as people learn that you are selling your home, most of them come flocking on your door step and offering "good advice" on how to do it right. And unsurprisingly, with the onslaught of a dozen or so well-meaning friends, some tips would come contradictory with each other. Here's one piece of professional advice you SHOULD take: Don't take everyone's advice! As much as your family and friends want to help you out in the best way they can, here are some BAD home selling advice you should never believe:

[Bad] Tip 1: Sell your home in the spring/summer

While it's true that spring and summer are the best times to look for a home, opening your listing only during a restricted period in a year will limit your prospective buyers to the people who look for a home only during those times. Home buyers actually look for a home 24/7/365 at home, at night, using their computer, so why not make a bigger prospective buyer's circle to increase your home's chances of getting sold?

[Bad] Tip 2: Wait for the market to heat up before selling (and it's always slow now, whatever time of year they say this to you)

Selling a home is like investing in stocks; waiting for the right moment could mean the moment has passed and its too late. A lot of factors affect how much you can sell your home; what's important is a firm decision from you that the time to sell is NOW-- the right buyer will come whatever the market condition is.

[Bad] Tip 3: Home staging is unnnecessary

While you can bank on having a buyer with a very imaginative mind, most people cannot actually conceptualize what a blank home would look like when it's furnished. It's better to stage a home or at least fix it up in order for buyers to appreciate how the home would look like when it's packed with furniture and decorated-- just like how it would look when people are living in it.

[Bad] Tip 4: Save your $$$ and use your phone for listing photos

Many people think that bright images encompassing the living room, bedroom, and kitchen would make buyers appreciate their listing, so professional photography is an unnecessary expense you can easily cancel out. WRONG! First impressions last, and buyers usually make first impressions of listings they are looking at through the featured images. 

[Bad] Tip 5: Save on the commissions and sell by yourself. You don't need an agent

FSBO, or For Sale by Owner, can be enticing for home sellers in the sense that they can save a few thousand bucks. The question is, do you know the legal process and the documentation needed to sell a home? Are you a marketing professional who can handle peddling your home? Do you have a circle of buyers at hand, ready to view your home with just a text from you? No? Then DON'T TAKE THIS ADVICE. DONT.

While we appreciate the eagerness of relatives and friends to help, not taking their advice doesn't mean you love and appreciate them any less. Selling a home is a legal and intricate matter and you just can't afford not having expert advice. Listen to the professionals and you'll do just fine.

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