Austin’s High Standings in Burning Glass’ Ranking of U.S. Cities on the Tech Frontier

The best location for new and growing firms dependent on a highly skilled workforce is one that combines a thriving tech ecosystem, strong educational institutions, innovation hubs, a high quality of life, supportive government policies, and adaptability to technological changes. It's essential to consider the holistic environment that a city provides for both businesses and the workforce.

Austin ranked #5 on Tech Workers Frontier Skill with score of 64.5% and ranked #4 on Tech Worker Momentum in the large metropolitan statistical area category.  

Burning Glass Institute said, “Frontier Skills are skills that are on the frontier of tech skills in the labor market as evidenced by commanding a high wage premium while also experiencing robust growth in demand over the last two years.  Skill growth refers to the change in likelihood of a skill appearing in a job posting between two years after controlling for any changes that result from the growing or shrinking of different occupations over time.”

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