Austin Will See the 2nd Fastest Tech Job Growth in 2021

The global pandemic devastated the U.S. Economic growth and spiked the unemployment rate in the labor market.  The tech sector experienced several problems but recovered well.  According to the market analysis and annual Cyberstates report from Computing Technology Industry Association or CompTIA, Austin managed to recover in tech workforce and industry despite the pandemic among major US Metros.  In 2020, Austin ranked 5th with +3,364 job growth among metropolitan markets, and as projected, Austin will increase 3.9% in employment this year.  Austin ranked 13th in Tech Gross Regional Product (in Billion) with $37.9 and 5th in Tech Group as a Percentage of Total Metro Group (in billions) $149.5, equivalent to 25.3%. 

Cyberstates basis on the sectors involved in making, creating, enabling, integrating, or supporting technology, whether as a product or service, and the leading tech industry sectors such as IT and Custom Software Services, R&D, Testing and Engineering Services, Telecommunications, and Internet Services, Tech Manufacturing and Software (packaged).  Cyberstates utilizes the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) System to lead tech occupations such as Software, Programmers, Web and QA, Cybersecurity and Systems Analysts and Engineers, Network Administrators, Architects and Support, IT Support Specialists, Database, Data Scientists and Computer Scientists.

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