Austin Took 2nd Spot In The Top10 US Metros for Digital Nomads

Nowadays, a digital nomadic lifestyle is becoming in demand, and these professionals are moving from one location to another and staying connected to their jobs and family digitally while exploring and experiencing adventures in various unfamiliar places. With a permanent work-from-home arrangement, these nomads consider their housing needs and want outdoor adventure and city parks that might appeal to a new city or town that eventually will make their permanent move.  

Zillow and Yelp Inc. reported that Austin was in the 2nd spot for top ten metros in the US for digital nomads. They analyzed gathered data with a different lifestyle, community amenities, affordability and flexibility of housing rentals, consumer demand, and business categories. Each metro earned index scores based on these criteria. Austin scores high on variety for amenities, furniture rental, and co-working spaces. Typical rental rates in Austin are around $1,323 per month, and it was the second-highest in page views to rental listings, with about 93% from the first quarter last year. With that, a panel of economists and real estate experts expect Austin to be the nation’s hottest housing market in 2021.


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