Austin Real Estate is one of the 20 Hottest U.S. Markets in June

Austin real estate is one of the hottest markets in, an online news site provided by the National Association of Realtors, has published a list of the 20 hottest U.S. markets for the month of June. Austin made the list out of 300 medium and large sized markets where homes are selling the fastest and homes are closing quickly. Three other Texas markets made the list, including Midland, San Antonio and Dallas. Here’s a look at the list from NAR:

  1. San Francisco

  2. Vallejo, Calif.

  3. Denver, Colo.

  4. Santa Rosa, Calif.

  5. Dallas

  6. San Jose, Calif.

  7. Ann Arbor, Mich.

  8. Boston

  9. Detroit

  10. Santa Cruz, Calif.

  11. Sacramento, Calif.

  12. San Diego

  13. Fargo, N.D.

  14. Billings, Mont.

  15. Columbus, Ohio

  16. Stockton, Calif.

  17. Midland, Texas

  18. Austin, Texas

  19. San Antonio, Texas

  20. Fort Wayne, Ind.

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