Austin Real Estate Among the 20 Hottest Markets in the U.S. Right Now

Austin Real Estate Among the 20 Hottest Online Markets in the U.S. Right Now Austin real estate is definitely a seller’s market. Homes are selling faster and for more than ever before. Recently, posted its list of the 20 Hottest Housing Markets in the U.S. Right Now. Austin real estate is among the handful of markets to make the list.

“We are now firmly in the time of the year when peak demand and peak inventory levels
typically occur, through spring and early summer,” said 
Jonathan Smoke, chief economist at “Buyers should expect substantial competition, especially in the hottest markets, and for affordably priced homes within most markets.”  

Analysts looked at data on the back-end of and discovered the site had the highest number of unique visitors ever in March, with over 50% more page views than in March of the previous year and 40% more searches for homes for sale. From that, they isolated the 20 hottest markets out of the largest 200 markets in the country (based on listing views relative to the number of listings). Austin real estate ranked thirteenth out of the top 20 real estate markets.

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