Austin ranks 3rd among large metros Creating the Highest Wage Jobs based on measures of the growth and vitality of the professional & business services sector.

As the Country moves toward full employment, at least as economists define it, the quality of jobs has replaced joblessness as the primary concern. The biggest challenge for most parts of the U.S. is not getting more people into the workforce but rather driving the creation of the types of jobs that can sustain a middle-class quality of life.

By far the nation's largest high-wage sector -- including such fields as law, accounting, architecture, advertising, engineering, scientific research and development, and computer systems design. New Geography took a greater look at which metropolitan areas are gaining the most professional and business services jobs and the trends that are driving some to pull ahead while others fade. The rankings look at employment in the sector over time -- assessing short, medium and long-term job trends and adding in variables for persistence and momentum as well.


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