Austin Ranks #3 Best Performing Economy in U.S. Metros

Downtown Austin

The source of America's prosperity is its big cities and the Business Insider recently ranked Austin, TX as the third best performing economy of all U.S. Metros. 

The study also shows steady economic growth for Austin, its ranking on the report over the years a bellwether of steady growth. In 2009, Austin ranked as the nation's 19th-strongest economy and by 2010, the city vaulted seven spots to earn its spot as the 12th-ranked economy in terms of strength.

The top rated areas have had rapid, consistent growth in both size and quality for an extended period of time and the "quality" of the economy is based upon what people earn, as this influences their "standard of living" more than anything. The strongest economies, such as Austin, have nurtured and caused their main businesses to grow and expand

All this to say, AUSTIN IS BOOMING and the real estate market is as competitive as ever. Reach out to the Cain Team today to learn more about buying and selling in the thriving Austin market!

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