Austin Ranks #1 as The Smartest City by AT&T!

Austin ranked #1 on AT&T’s list of smartest cities in Texas. The methodology was based on 3 major factors of Connectivity, Transportation, and Green Infrastructure. Austin ranks #1 in Transportation and Green Infrastructure

Internet: Austin’s internet connectivity is off the charts. It ranks first in percentage of population with access to broadband internet (76% overall) and is in the top five for percentage of the population owning a computing device (96%). Apple took note of Austin’s connectivity efforts, and announced Austin as the location for its new campus. Another large internet boost for Austin is Google Fiber. Fiber is one of the fastest internet services and Austin was named one of the cities to host the test trial.

Transportation: Public transportation in Austin is equally progressive, and the city ranks first in this category. Austin was chosen to participate in Transportation for America’s Smart Cities Collaborative Program (and is one of only 22 cities currently participating). Smart parking meters are currently running in two locations, and Austin and Capital Metro are working together to create a Smart Mobility Roadmap. Not to mention the endless options to choose from, citibike, electric bike, electric scooter all available through ride sharing apps. Giving many options to Austinites on how they want to travel.

Austin has the highest green infrastructure score overall. The city implemented the Green Austin Awards, which recognize exceptional efforts in green building and landscapes. In 1990, Austin also founded the first green building program, which is still the top sustainable building program in the nation.

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