Austin Ranked #9 on How Much A Roommate Saves You Report

At the moment, we continue to recover from the pandemic and the current effect of inflation.  According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data, renting a home costs an average of 8.6% more in January 2023 than 12 months earlier.  That’s why some people choose to rent and consider sharing their homes with a roommate to lower their monthly housing expenses. 

Austin Ranked #9 on the How Much A Roommate Saves You Report.  SmartAsset analyzed the average cost of a one-bedroom apartment with the average cost of splitting a two-bedroom apartment for 50 Metropolitan Areas in America, as per the report, “In Austin, you’ll save $613 by sharing a two-bedroom with a roommate compared to a one-bedroom rental on your own.  That’s because the average one-bedroom in Austin rents for $1,623 per month, while the average two-bedroom costs $2,019 per month.  When adjusting for Austin’s cost of living, your monthly savings are worth $606.97.”


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