Austin Ranked 8th on a List of Most Educated Cities in America

Are you smart? Educated? Have a degree? Well, if you do, you might live in Austin. If you are these things, but don’t live in Austin, maybe you should consider packing up your stuff and get out here! According to a study done by WalletHub, Austin was ranked 8th on a list of Most Educated Cities in America.

Not only is Austin home to The University of Texas but is also home to other amazing universities like Southwestern, St. Edwards University, and Concordia. Many students at these university are from Austin, however there are many students who go to these schools from out of state.

Austin is a tech hub, and let’s be honest, you must be smart in order to work for tech company. Higher levels of education tend to lead to higher salaries.

The ranking was determined by education level, education gaps, gender education gaps. Austin holds very intelligent people which in turn will lead to a better economy.

If you’re smart or know anyone who is smart, you should move to Austin! Cain Realty Group is filled with very educated agents and we are more than happy to make your process of moving to Austin that much better!!!

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