Austin Placed 8th on List of the Safest Metro Cities in America

Moving to a big city can be frightening, there are many unknown people and greater opportunity for crime. In a recent study done by safewise, Austin placed 8th on a list of the safest metro cities in America! In 2017, Austin was ranked 26th. Austin has upped its game in public safety in the last year and continues to be more and more safe.

The population of Austin sits at approximately 950,000 and is only going to continue to rise. Even with this many people, the average “violent crimes” per 1,000 people sits at only 4. I don’t know about you, but this sounds much more appealing than Detroit, MI that has an average of 20.5 “violent crimes” for every 1,000 people.

Another statistic to look at is the “property crime” per 1,000 people. The average for Austin is right at 35 per 1,000 people. Not a bad number to be at considering cities like Memphis, St. Louis, Cleveland, and Oakland all sit above 50 per 1,000. Not the easiest places to feel safe!! If you’re going to own a home in Austin, you can sleep soundly at night knowing your in a safe place.

Austin falls below the national violent crime rate as well as below the state average. If you’re like most and worried about the safety of your neighborhood, I hope these stats put your mind at ease. Cain Realty Group will always work with your needs and concerns. If you know of anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the Austin area let us know! We are always here to serve you!

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