Austin Ranked #7 on Most Climate-Resilient Cities in America

Architectural Digest said in their recent report, “There’s nowhere to hide from the effects of climate change. Every region in the United States has experienced rising temperatures, extreme weather patterns, and greater damage from natural disasters. Most experts predict that many areas will be unlivable by 2050, which is well within the scope of a 30-year mortgage. While some U.S. cities are better prepared to weather climate change’s effects.”

Austin ranked #7 on the 2023 Top 50 U.S. Cities Most Climate-Resilient with score of 110.5 based on measures of geography, risk, infrastructure and preparation.  Here are the factors they considered : population, elevation and projected sea level rise, extreme weather (hurricanes, floods, wildfires, droughts), UND UAA risk and readiness score, air quality index and clean energy ranking.  

Disruptions to everyday life caused and worsened by climate change are predicted to increase over the next years and decades. That’s why it’s important to look to the future now and make smart decisions in terms of where and how to live. While nowhere on the planet will remain unaffected, the safest cities are both geographically sheltered and politically and economically prepared for what’s to come.” Architectural Digest added. 

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