Austin Ranked #7 in The Top Tech Cities in the U.S.

The environment in which individuals live and work can have a significant impact on their success in the tech industry, and Austin is recognized as one of the favorable environments for tech professionals and startups.

Austin ranked #7 in The Top Tech Cities in the U.S. with 52.99 score. The report says, “Austin is a good place for startups since it’s easy to find top talent, initial capital and inexpensive office space. Austin advertised over 64,000 tech jobs in 2021 and 2,160 IT jobs in January 2024. We found 5,775 tech companies and 16 tech giants based in Austin. Companies like General Motors, IBM, Dell, Deloitte and Amazon are the top employers there, offering competitive salaries to their employees.”

To get the rankings, Cloudwards listed 100 tech cities in the U.S. and identified the tech-related factors such as, livability, internet coverage and quality; career and education opportunities; innovation and entrepreneurship, and tech community.

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