Austin Ranked #43 in 2023 World’s Best Cities

“Cities are the engines of the global economy and the badges of human ingenuity.” — Resonance Consultancy said in their report.  It has been a leading tourism, real estate and economic development advisor for 15 years.  Their team conducted extensive research on the rise of cities, gathered the statistical performance and qualitative evaluations of metropolitan areas with a population of more than one million by locals and visitors in 24 sites grouped into six core categories — Place (sights and landmarks, weather, safety, and outdoors), Product (airport connectivity, attractions, museums, university and convention center), Programming (culture, nightlife, restaurants, and shopping), People (labor force participation and educational attainment), Prosperity (corporate headquarters, employment rate, city gross domestic product and income equality) and Promotion (Facebook check-ins, Google search, TripAdvisor review, Instagram hashtags and Google Trends).  These cities were ideal to live, work, invest and visit in a new global reality.  

Austin ranked #43 in 2023 World’s Best Cities.  Resonance Consultancy reported,  “Austin continues its quest to become America’s new hometown.  The capital and talent inflow is staggering: Austin ranks #40 for Global 500 headquarters.  Its employment rate is #38 globally, as tech giants like Oracle (the planet’s second-largest software company) move HQs to the city, joined by smaller job creators like BAE Systems.  The #23-ranked University of Texas at Austin is also a talent magnet, focusing on research and a growing talent pipeline to the symbiotic private sector”.

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