Austin Ranked #4 on the Financial Health Index

During the pandemic, many lost jobs and businesses closed due to the lockdown. Our country's economy is stable, and the government provides financial and medical support to all American residents.  

The Credit Review conducted a study: Which U.S. Cities are flourishing? And Austin Ranked #4 on the Financial Health Index with a final score of 9.1. With breakdown are as follows: 

  • Municipal Financial Health score 6.9

  • Business Financial Health score 8.7

  • Resident Financial Health score 8.6

Based on this study, Austin is one of the pandemic's excellent relocations. To get the result, The Credit Review compared the 55 Metro Areas in America with over 1 million residents across three key categories (Municipal Financial Health, Business Financial Health, and Resident Financial Health). They scored each class with an equal-weighted score, then the final score was calculated by averaging the score of 3, where ten is the highest.  

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