Austin Ranked #4 on a List of Most Pet-Friendly Cities in America

Have a friend covered in fur, feathers, or scales? Austin recently ranked #4 on a list of most pet-friendly cities in America! There are nearly 85 million households in the US that own a pet. The pet industry is projected to cost Americans over $72 billion dollars!

Over the last decade it seems as if pets are getting more and more pampered. For a while the only options for pet supplies were PetSmart or Petco, now you have endless options- especially in Austin. Locally-owned and operated, Tomlinson's Feed is Austin’s local pet supply store with the healthiest pet supplies. Not to mention it is now illegal in Austin to breed dogs. Austin is officially an “adopt don’t shop” city!

Austin is so pet friendly that you can take your pet nearly everywhere. Drive up and down the streets of downtown Austin and it’ll be hard not to see a dog. There are so many FREE amenities that you can do with your pet! Walk the green belt, workout on town lake, yoga with your dog, and much more.

In order to determine the most pet-friendly places in America, WalletHub compared the 100 most populated cities across three key dimensions: Pet Budget, Pet Health & Wellness and Outdoor Pet-Friendliness. Austin ranked incredibly well for all the categories. For pet health, Austin ranked #2!!! That means there are a lot of healthy and happy pets in Austin.

The cultural and environmental factors are also important. The weather is nearly unbeatable, Austin is sunny most of the year and doesn’t get too cold. To top it all off there seems to be a general understanding throughout the Austin community. Austinites love pets and are more than welcoming.

If you or anyone you know is looking to buy or sell a home in the Austin area let us know! We are more than happy to help you and your little friend find your forever home.

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