Austin Ranked 2nd in 2022 Best Performing Cities

Cities in the U.S. continue to manage economic growth and competitive in the global economy.  Key locations where businesses create new jobs and workers earn higher wages.  

In the 2022 Best-Performing Cities conducted by The Milken Institute, Austin took the 2nd spot in the overall ranking.  The index for this study primarily uses the pandemic-year data, and  Austin managed to regain 96 percent of pandemic-related jobs lost. 

The Milken Institute compares the economic growth across cities in the U.S. in job creation, wage growth, output growth in high-tech sectors, broadband access, and housing affordability.  Austin recorded notable growth rates over other metropolitan areas.  The metro area ranked #4 in five-year job growth, #3 in short-term job growth, and #6 in five-year wage growth.  Austin has strong ties to the local economy as a source of highly skilled workers and technology startups.

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