Austin Ranked #15 in the Best U.S. Cities for Foreign Businesses

Foreign businesses have so many benefits to the community.  According to Financial Times and Nikkei, Austin is one of the Top15 Cities in the U.S. for Foreign Multinationals to do business.  Austin scored high in the workforce and talent 92/100, investment trends 89/100, quality of life 62/100, openness 60/100, foreign business needs 49/100, aftercare 48/100, and business environment 33/100.  

Financial Times and Nikkei ranked U.S. cities across various criteria, such as working-age population, education, and ease of hiring.  They have identified how cities welcome overseas talent and the cost of doing business.  They also analyzed how cities are suited to accommodate foreign companies, the quality of life, secured direct investment, and the degree of administrative support to foreign companies once they make an investment decision.

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