Austin Ranked #14 Globally and #7 in the U.S. on the Overall Development of the Venture Capital Ecosystem

The global landscape of venture capital has witnessed significant expansion in recent years, with the emergence of new locations and the growth of established VC ecosystems. This evolution has seen investors targeting new countries, startups securing substantial funding, and valuations reaching unprecedented levels in the multi-billion-euro range. However, the past 18 months have brought about a shift in the VC landscape, marked by increased challenges in securing capital and a noticeable scarcity in capital availability.

Austin ranked 14th globally and 7th in the U.S. with a development score of 52.20.  

According to the report, “PitchBook is introducing a global VC Ecosystem Ranking to compare how locations rank in overall development and in their growth rates relative to one another. The framework provides a scoring system for development and growth by assessing the size, maturity, and growth rates of a VC ecosystem using proprietary data points housed in the PitchBook Platform. The purpose of the framework is to help founders, operators, and investors identify locations that could be beneficial to expand or invest in to generate outlier returns in the long run.”

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