Austin on List of 14 Cities That Give You FOMO

Have you ever heard of the phrase “FOMO”? If you have been hanging out with the millennial crowd, then you probably heard the phrase thrown around. If you haven’t heard this word before you might be surprised that it actually stands for something! Expedia recently released a list of the top 14 most FOMO worthy cities.


FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out


Austin was described perfectly by Katherine Wise, Communications Manager at Visit Austin- “Down-home, yet sophisticated. Laidback and bustling with high energy. Traditional and avant-garde at the same time. These qualities allow Austinites and visitors alike to embrace the city’s unique, often quirky, identity, and appreciate the traditions that it was founded upon.” She is also quoted “Over the past two decades, the small university town where Willie Nelson crafted his own unique musical style grew into a big city with a glittering skyline and 2 million people in the metropolitan area,” said Wise.

“Keep Austin Weird” is our motto and we don’t plan on changing it anytime soon. With unique food, people and experiences around every corner, its easy to see why Austin is the place to be. Social Media has played a large factor in peoples “FOMO” feeling. Following some local Austinite bloggers will give you an inside look on all the fun local spots as well as the more secretive spots. Austin is so cool that we have a speakeasy that moves every month. Only certain members on the list will receive the location.

If you or anyone you know are looking to move to Austin, give us a call. Our team of professionals are more than happy to assist you with the home buying a selling process. We can offer you data for each area to help you find the best location for your needs. We are committed to serving over 250 families this year and we’d love for you to be one!

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