Austin No. 1 Trendiest City To Relocate To

There are many reasons to locate to new cities. Some are looking for a lower cost of living, career opportunities, the desire to have a bigger and better home, more space, access to nature, weather, and lifestyle. An online platform for home services professionals conducted a survey for 2,888 workers in the U.S. about where they would love to move if given an option. Austin was their top pick as the “trendiest” relocation spot, followed by Los Angeles, New York City, Denver, Nashville, and Dallas-Fort Worth. Those surveyed that clarified they would prefer always to work remotely ranked Austin 12th on the list. New York City ranks first, Dallas-Forth Worth appears at 9th, and Houston at 18th. For the category of “Cities that residents like more than ever,” Houston ranks 8th, and Dallas-Fort Worth rank 10th. 

Whatever the reason for moving out from one state to another, what matters most is the feeling of being at home, comfort, and of course, your family. 

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