Austin Named the Best State Capital to Live in!

Austin is named the best state capital to live in according to a study done by WalletHub! Austin was at the top of the charts on all four methods. Ranked 12th in affordability, ranked 1st in economic well-being, 4th in quality of Education and Health, lastly, ranked 4th in quality of life. 17 of the US capitals are the largest cities in their state, unlike Austin. Some capitals have rampant poverty problems. For example, over 30 percent of the population of Harford, CT lives in poverty, compared to 12.7% of the entire United States.

The lowest Austin ranked was in affordability and it still ranked 12th. Austin is a capital that has the highest median household income AND a very low unemployment rate. Austin is affordable because nearly everyone is employed with a well-paying job! There are hundreds of free activities to do making it a very affordable city.

4th in education and health makes Austin an appealing place to raise a family. Competitive school districts, Austin has the highest percentage of adults with bachelor’s degree or higher as well as the lowest premature death rate. Not only will you most likely raise a smart family but a healthy family too!

Lastly, 4th in quality of life. Austin has the highest percentage of millennial newcomers and the most attractions with a 24x difference than the average city. Young and fun is a saying being spread around Austin. There are thousands of 18-30-year olds active in Austin every day. Music festivals, unique restaurants and great weather make for a solid quality life.

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