Austin named Best College Town & City in America

Austin is a great city for all ages, there are plenty of ways to keep yourself entertained. In a study done recently by Wallet Hub Austin named Best College Town & City in America! Did you know the average cost of student living expenses for 12 months is $26,200? The cost of living only seems to go up, so choosing the right college has never been more difficult.

The methodology for this study was determined by 3 factors; 1) Wallet Friendliness, 2) Social Environment and 3) Academic & Economic Opportunities. Living in an affordable town is more important than one would think. Austin provides some of the most unique, fun, and FREE activities all year round.

The social environment of Austin is like no other, notoriously “weird” and accepting of all people. With over 1,000 electric scooters and bikes you can travel any where quickly and for a very low price. Everything is accessible and easy to get to. Lastly, the night life plays a huge role is driving students to Austin. Get crazy on 6th street, watch a football game on Saturday on West Avenue, and go get brunch Sunday on Rainey Street.

The academic and economic opportunities are VAST in Austin. The University of Texas is very prestigious and somewhat difficult to get into. The business school is recognized as one of the top programs in the country. The best part about University of Texas? In state tuition is roughly only $10,000 which is very low considering some other public schools start at $20,000.

The University of Texas at Austin is the main college in Austin, but there are also a few more that spark some interest. St. Edwards, Southwestern, and Concordia are all colleges in Austin. The options are limited. Looking for a 2-year degree? Try Concordia. Want a small college and a little out of the city? Try Southwestern. Want to get the full college experience at a big university? Look at The University of Texas. You get where I am going- There is an option for any type of college/university in Austin.

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