Austin Makes it to Top 10 List of Mobile-Friendly U.S. Cities

A recent NerdWallet Inc. report includes Austin in it's list of most mobile-friendly U.S. cities.

Analyzing data from the country's 50 most populous cities, NerdWallet examined carrier network performance, customer service ratings, mobile websites, and information on taxes and crime risk.

Thanks to the fast upload speeds and rave customer service reviews of Austin, it gained the tenth spot in a list dominated by mostly California-based cities. With an average wireless tax rate and 8th city with the highest number of mobile phone stores, the Texan capital has 4.6 stores to cater per 10,000 residents.

To know more about the other cities that made it to list and the metrics used by NerdWallet in coming up with the top ten list, you can read the full report from NerdWallet here.

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