Austin Makes it to List of Top Cities for Job Seekers; Best in Work-Life Balance and High Salaries

A newly published national list has named Austin as the 4th best city to be in for job seekers. Thanks to Austin's healthy job market, many career opportunities await millennials and other professionals in search of a career boost in their respective industries. Whether you are in the technology, hospitality, or sales industries, Austin's got something exciting waiting for you!

Best Work-Life Balance and High Salaries

Austin received the highest marks in the aspect of high salaries and perfect work-life balance compared to other top contenders in the list. In fact, Austin has the second-lowest unemployment rate in the state, with numbers well below the national average (you can read more about this here). The rankings, as published by, considered four measures in studying 50 major cities in the United States to come up with the final list for 2017. The Austin-based jobs site says it is not biased with its rankings, as trends show that most opportunities in the U.S. can now be found in the South and the West. 

Work in the South and West

The top 16 cities of 2017's list are all located in the Sun Belt, with all but one contender located in Florida, Texas, or California. Measuring job market favorability, salary weighted for cost of living, work/life balance, and job security and advancement rankings, came up with the top 25 cities to be in if you want to land the job of your dreams:

1. Miami, FL

2. Orlando, FL

3. Raleigh, NC

4. Austin, TX

5. Sacramento, CA

6. San Jose, CA

7. Jacksonville, FL

8. San Diego, CA

9. Houston, TX

10. Memphis, TN

11. Las Vegas, NV

12. San Francisco, CA

13. Riverside, CA

14. Atlanta, GA

15. Los Angeles, CA

16. San Antonio, TX

17. Seattle, WA

18. Hartford, CT

19. Charlotte, NC

20. Tampa, FL

21. Providence, RI

22. Virginia Beach, VA

23. Phoenix, AZ

24. Dallas, TX

25. Richmond, VA

According to Indeed Senior Vice President Paul D'Arcy, the trend of data shows people “moving away from cold places looking to live in warm climates.” No cities from the Midwest made it to the list, and only three cities from the Northeast made it (Hartford, Connecticut and Providence, Rhode Island)

Analysts have mentioned that jobs in manufacturing have been on a steady decline for years, with little to no promise of career growth unlike before. The states in the list are all working to diversify their economy in order to attract workers and keep the human resources that they already have. Data also shows that the migration to the Sun Belt increased after the Great Recession, with Brookings Institution noting that those states began receiving workers from other states after the recession ended and peaked in 2015.

Looking for the right place to move? Austin awaits! In fact, we're looking for several good people to help us grow our team, so why not start with checking out our job vacancies? We're looking forward to hear your thoughts!

**The list mentioned in this article is based on a recent study conducted by and featured in an article that first appeared on the Austin Business Journal.

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