Austin Makes it to List of Hottest Zip Codes for Millennials

The U.S. housing market is largely driven by the growing purchasing power of millennials. Therefore, their choice of residence consequently indicates an area of growth and prosperity, as the places where they move to are most commonly teeming with opportunity. As such,® made it a point to research the hottest zip codes that millennials are currently moving to, and they came up with the list of "20 Hottest Zip Codes for Millennials in the U.S."®'s research team selected the top zip codes from over 32,000 entries to find out where properties are selling quick to millennials, thanks to housing affordability and strong job markets. Data shows that in the top 20 zip codes, homes sell at an average of 25 days-- 53 days faster than the rest of the United States. Home views in these zip codes also come four times more frequently, making real estate a thriving economy in the area. Jonathan Smoke, chief economist at®, says, "While millennials are usually a significant presence in most markets, their sheer size and buying power have made them a force to be reckoned with in these hot ZIP codes and given them the power to shift supply and demand dynamics." 

Here are the top 20 zip codes for millennials this 2016:

1. 76148: Watauga, Texas                       
2. 94523: Pleasant Hill, Calif.
3. 80233: Northglenn, Colo.
4. 80916: Colorado Springs, Colo.
5. 78247: San Antonio
6. 94954: Petaluma, Calif.
7. 02176: Melrose, Mass.
8. 63126: Crestwood, Mo.
9. 97222: Milwaukie, Ore.
10. 92104: North Park, Calif.
11. 40242: Louisville, Ky.
12. 66204: Overland Park, Kan.
13. 48072: Berkley, Mich.
14. 95123: San Jose, Calif.
15. 37214: Nashville, Tenn.
16. 78749: Austin, TX.
17. 94585: Suisun City, Calif.
18. 14625: Rochester, N.Y
19. 49508: Kentwood, Mich.
20. 58103: Fargo, N.D.
    To view®'s complete list, please click on this link.


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