Austin Listed #5 for 2022 Top U.S. Restaurants

Americans love to find great places and affordable spots where they can enjoy a tasty meal.  Dining indoors, ordering take out, getting a delivery, whatever it is as long as they found a fantastic meal.

In this year's Top U.S. Restaurants survey, Austin was listed at #5.  From barbecue joints to innovative food trucks, Austin is known for having a mouthwatering foodie scene. Bird Bird Biscuit specializes in chicken-and-biscuit sandwiches and does them exceptionally well. Try the favorite Queen Beak, made with spicy fried chicken and black pepper honey. Fire bird is also the best, made with spiced chicken breast and spicy pickles, and Bird Bird Bacon features both crispy bacon and a bacon-infused chipotle mayo.

Yelp gathered the total number of submissions, ratings, reviews, and geographic representation for the Top100 U.S. Restaurants by reaching out to Yelpers for their favorite dining spots.

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